Production consists in the construction of low rpm brushless motors-generators for the widest range of applications. The continuous development of these new technologies has allowed the company to create various prototypes, many of which have been industrialised and mass-produced.

How we work:

Our added value lies in the synergy with the customer, who is involved in all phases of the construction, beginning from design and going all the way through to production. The customer provides us with all the characteristics that the motor must possess for the specific field of application and so the initial design phase begins. The customer is called periodically to inspect and approve various drawings and characteristics and, therefore, can advise us of variations and/or changes at any time.

Fields of application:

Because brushless motors employ very versatile, cutting-edge technology, they are ideal for the widest range of applications. As of today, the motors we build have been used in various sectors including:

  • Wind farm sector;
  • Gearless lift-elevator systems;
  • Ventilation;
  • Textiles;
  • Wastewater purification;
  • Paper mills;
  • Plastic material processing;
  • Zootechnics;
  • Packaging machinery;
  • Conveyors.

Elettromeccanica Adige is always willing to explore new sectors because the potential of these technologies is extremely high and can therefore be used even in new fields of application.