The company was founded in 1986 by Sergio Andreolli, who is still at the helm.

Elettromeccanica Adige boasts a staff of 10, assisted by a pool of qualified external collaborators. Significant resources have been invested throughout the years in personnel training both in the production environment and in technical design. Company management intentionally maintains a staff of individuals who are highly specialised in their specific fields and attentive to the evolution of the motors market. The consolidated professional experience of our personnel and constant updates have allowed the company to take on an industrial role, to be able to tackle studies and production in various product categories and to approach international markets.

In fact, Elettromeccanica Adige began as a company specialised in repairing motors and electric tools and later on, over the years, we grew professionally, operating in important industrial settings such as paper mills, steel mills, cement factories, chemical plants, cableway systems, hydroelectric plants, aqueduct and sewer pumping stations, becoming a point of reference for our customers.

In recent years, Elettromeccanica Adige has designed and successfully completed the production of a range of motors for very diverse applications.

The company also has cutting-edge instrumentation in order to be able to offer our customers vibrational monitoring operations, in other words, a predictive maintenance programme on the condition and status of electric motors.

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