Elettromeccanica Adige is a highly specialised company in the design, production and marketing of low rpm brushless motors-generators for special applications.

We offer conception and design services for brushless motors, tailored to the needs of each individual customer and we guarantee the possibility of being able to switch from applications with conventional motors to innovative technical solutions with high performance, energy saving brushless motors that comply with the most recent safety regulations.


Elettromeccanica Adige's mission is to assist our customers in finding the most suitable solution for their type of product through studying and developing new brushless technologies.

With Elettromeccanica Adige the customer has the opportunity to work in complete synergy from the very first phase of identifying technical specifications, during the design and commissioning of the prototypes all the way to mass production. In each phase of the order the customer can monitor work progress and agree on changes and customisation.

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